Do you know Cornerstone...

helps you create your business plan

Between the Cornerstone Owners they have over 40 years experience in the Utah real estate market and are top producers themselves. We love to help you create a business plan tailored to you and your available time and skills. We can help you achieve a 50% increase in your business year over year. As you know in real estate you control the actions not the results but you only get paid on the results. Let us help you get more results through focused, consistant action.

provides quick pay on commission

As long as we have all of your paperwork in we will pay you via automatic deposit the day your check comes in.

has Competitive Splits

We understand there are many options in the Brokerage space. Cornerstone is a full service brokerage that only succeeds as our agents succeed. Our splits are based on production levels but do not reset every year. No transaction fees, no copy fees, no monthly fees, no desk fees.

has team split options

Do you run or want to build a team. Ask one of our brokers about the commission options.

provides social media training

Social media has changed the game. Learn how to market to your online audience in a tactful and effective way. We provide infographics of stats and other real estate news for you to post. Use our studio to create useful information to post or pull up the green screen and have some fun.

has AI Training

If you have not heard of A.I. then you need to come to our training.

How can you use A.I. (Artificial Intelligence.)in your business to be

more efficient and close more deals.

has weekly office meetings



Stay on top of the most recent stats to share and be an expert with your SOI. Come away with ready to go Social Media posts.



Keep the skills sharpened so that you can serve your clients properly.



Attend all of our monthly Fee CE classes and never get caught short when it is time to renew your license.



Ready to have fun and push yourself past your limits. Come away motivated and inspired.



Escape rooms, pool parties, Top Golf, Hiking. Let's be honest realtors know how to have fun.

uses Dotloop

Cornerstone pays for your access to Dotloop which is an online transaction management and

signature system to keep you focused and organized.

provides transaction support

Our office staff and brokers review each contract to make sure all initials and signatures are complete. We also manage and control earnest money in our own trust account so it is easy to refund if needed and applicable. This allows agents to be compliant but also confident in the contract.

pays for you to go to NAR confrence

Each year NAR has a huge conference somewhere in the country that provides networking and education opportunities. Stay up on the latest national trends. This is always fun trip to get away and focus on building your business. Cornerstone pays the conference fee.

provides free CE classes monthly

On the 3rd Tuesday of every month we hold free CE classes which are mostly core. We have a waiting list of certified CE instructors. Do you have a favorite vendor that is CE certified? We would be happy to get them in front of our brokerage and allow them to provide CE.

has Broker accountability meetings

Everyone knows that accountability is essential to success. Whether you are on a Diet, a workout program, or trying to stay consistant in your business you must have accountability. Our Brokers schedule monthly accountability meetings with their agents when requested. These meetings allow the agents to report to someone and get advise on how to stay on track or take things to the next level.

teaches relationship marketing

Our philosophy is to help our agents become the real estate expert in their social circles. We are not trying to get our friends to sell their homes every year so we can stay in business. We want them to think of us when anyone in their circles has a real estate need. This is how you can build a long lasting business that works in any market.

has Brokers who are Buffini Certified

Cornerstone's Brokers are certified Buffini instructors and can hold classes in house for our agents. Classes include: 100 days to greatness, The pathway to Mastery, Essentials and Advanced, and Peak Producers.

provides agent websites

Cornerstone provides personal websites for you to have a place for people to search for homes and capture information and leads.

Team of Creative Web/Graphic Designer Planning, Drawing Website

has in house graphic designers with a social media focus

Our office managers and Brokers are awesome at creating marketing material for you. Business cards, just listed, just sold, special events or anything you can think up they can create.

Do you know Cornerstone also...

has multiple offices

Cornerstone has office space in Logan, South Ogden, and are available for use to all of our agents at any time. We also can provide small office space at a variety of other locations and will add more as needed.


565 W 465 N, Providence, UT 84332


920 Chambers St, Ogden, UT 84403

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Mailing Address

565 W 465 N, Providence, UT 84332

Phone Number

Email Address


Mailing Address

920 Chambers St, Ogden, UT 84403

Phone Number

Email Address

provides in house Photography

Having great HDR photos is a must in today's competitive real estate market. We have multiple in house photographers that are amazing and can showcase your next listing above the competition. We want every Cornerstone listing to shine and provide the best opportunity to sell at top dollar.

provides matterport tours

We prepare a 3D walk through tour that is user friendly for clients to take virtual tours. Cornerstone was the first brokerage in Utah to one a matterport camera and now we have 2. Need an edge to beat out the competition, look no further we have your back.

provides drone footage

On top of the photos available for inside the home, we also provide drone shots and small videos for your marketing benefit. We can shoot a fly away shot, a 360 or some shots of the area. These kind of shots can give you the marketing edge to win the listing.

has FREE office space

Take advantage of our modern office space to be more efficient. We have flex space, conference rooms, and personal offices to choose from.

Do you know Cornerstone...

has its very own film studio

Cornerstone studio provides opportunities to interview your favorite vendor, recent client, or just to do an personal introduction video. Use this space to feature your newest listing, provide pro tips, and build your credibility with your online audience via social media.

offices are stocked with snacks drinks

to grab on the go or to share with clients who come in.

has FREE signs

We will provide you 3 name riders when you come aboard. We also provide free sign posts as well as brokerage signs. Holding an open house we have you covered as well with directional and time specific temporary signs.

gives you access to a moving and dump trailer

We have multiple trailers you can allow your clients to use for a small fee (usually paid by the agents) as a service to set you apart.

has a charity called CORNERSTONE CARES

Our agents donate $25 per closing to our Cornerstone Cares fund. This fund is available to everyone and has to be used to better someones living situation. It is not meant to provide funds for a client to upgrade their home to sell or pay for bills.

has pre made pop byes that you can just pick up on your way out the door

As part of our relationship marketing focus our office makes pop bye ideas for you. We have a store that you can just grab and go. Remember you don't want to be a secret agent.

swimming pool background

has a client appreciation pool party every summer

Imagine a nice summer night hanging out with hundreds of your best friends eating FREE PIZZA. This event is a great way to touch your clients and invite them and their family to a private pool party. We have food provided by our vendors and raffle items that go all night long.

has a pie party every fall

Every year the Tuesday before Thanksgiving we do a reverse pop by at our office. We take orders from our friends, clients, and family and then they come to our office to chat and pick up their pie. Usually we order 200-300 pies. Cornerstone picks them up and has them at the office for you to decorate if you want and hand out to your people.

has an awards banquet every February recapping the last year

This is an event that we have to celebrate the hard work of our agents. We do it at the beginning of the year to make sure that we mention everything from the past year.

does a ROCKSTAR lunch every month

Each month the top 5 producing agents in the office get to go to lunch with the Broker to celebrate. The number 1 producing agent chooses where they go to eat. This is also an event that is posted to social medias so that you are able to share/repost.

recognizes your million dollar months

When you make at least a million dollars in sales, then the office will give you a gift to recognize you. There will also be your own post to social media that you will be able to see and share.

has its own merch store

We have different items that you can buy that are Cornerstone branded. For example there are hats, shirts, jackets, and water bottles.

Let's work together.

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Mailing Address

565 W 465 N, Providence, UT 84332

Phone Number

Email Address


Mailing Address

920 Chambers St, Ogden, UT 84403

Phone Number

Email Address